Cloud Computing

  • Shared Resources and governance
  • Flexible scalability and budgeting
  • Faster Business
  • Cost effective storage
  • Scalable Infrastructure

Emerging technology of today, tomorrow, and beyond…

This computing approach allows much easier, flexible and high availability of resources at a very lower cost. The distribution of resources and services are on web, so this has opened many new ways of providing services, these services are termed as e-services. In this paper we will go through cloud computing services, cloud services models, cloud deployment models and application of cloud computing in different fields. We will give example for cloud services being provided by different software organizational vendors. This will help in understanding cloud computing and its services in a better way. Cloud computing has gained significant traction in recent years. The proliferation of networked devices, Internet services, and simulations has resulted in large volumes of data being produced. This, in turn, has fuelled the need to process and store vast amounts of data. These data volumes cannot be processed by a single computer or a small cluster of computers.